Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hitting the Pause Button

Just before Christmas I became very ill from some kind of exhaustion virus which made me very run down, lethargic and unable to even think about work, let alone physically move to do it. This lasted for over a month and as a result put me very far behind with my studies.
This is a very crucial stage in my degree, what with is being my final collection, I will admit I was struggling and had chosen to base my collection on a topic that didn't inspire me, and because of this (and trying to catch up) it resulted in me producing designs I didn't even like, and also I became more stressed and ill again.

I don't want to throw everything away over a stubbourness to finish, so I have reluctantly decided to take a year out to gain my health back and come back this time next year to start my collection again.
HOWEVER, in the meantime I want to continue designing and making in my own time, and as a result of this time off it will give me more time to blog :) It will be interesting working to my own brief and timetable, and I'm really looking forwards to seeing how this freer way of working compares with the results from working in a more structured and intense way.

I will also continue to visit my university to keep up to date with everyones progress, and I've spoken to a few people about being featured on here and they're very happy for that to happen :) I'm going to use this time off as a positive thing, and use it to my full advantage. 
I'm really looking forwards to seeing what this year brings!


  1. Hey Carrie, sorry to hear you've been feeling poorly :( but taking a year out to recover sounds like a good plan. Keep up the work and I'll keep an eye on your blog! Take care of yourself xxx

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