Thursday, 17 March 2011


I wanted this 1st post to be dedicated to the people of Japan, who have had to face 3 awful disasters all at the same time, and are still having to deal with the devastation left. 

It has been all over the news since the 1st disaster struck last week, and it is truly heartbreaking to watch, and impossible to imagine what they must be going through. 
Many people have since been heading over to japan to help look for survivors, and to help in any way possible. But for the majority of us who are unable to physically go over there to help help, there are other ways you can show your support, and heres how you can do it:

Japan Tsunami Appeal: Ganbare Nippon

One blogger caught my eye recently who is trying to do their bit in showing the people of Japan not to give up hope by organising an illustration rally, asking for creative people to submit their digital art/ illustrations with the message 

'Don't Give Up Japan!'

More details, and submission guideline can be found here: Illustration Rally

You can even donate clothing to Japan at some fashion retailers, like Uniqlo. All of Uniqlo's stores are planning to house donation boxes where customers can donate clothing to help the victims of the disaster.  You can find more information here: UNIQLO

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga has designed 'we pray for japan' bracelets to raise money for the japan relief efforts. These can be purchased HERE.

Map Action
You can help by donating a small amount to help provide up to date maps of japan to those searching for survivors reach them sooner. More information can be found HERE.

You can also donate money at the following charities:


  1. The situation in Japan is awful, I'm sure everyone's thoughts are with the victims. I'm definitely going to participate in the illustration rally :) xxx

  2. I know. I cant imagine how they're coping.
    Me too, it's such a nice idea. Would love to see what you come up with :)