Thursday, 11 August 2011

First Post Back & Update

It's been nearly 5 months since I last posted on here, and I've decided it's time to come back!

With everything that went on I felt I needed a complete break from fashion to help my mind focus better, and now I feel I'm there.

Catch Up:

I haven't been completely gone from the blogging scene: I've been following my other passion in Beauty over on my new blog 'Not Just Skin Deep'.

But have decided it's time to start this one up again and have both. My main goal in life is still fashion-related, and will be updating this blog with my current projects as I start getting back into fashion properly before I go back to uni in January.

During my time off I went away for a week to Ayia Napa (not such a relaxing break!). You can see more about it here.

Up & Coming Projects:

I have a huge roll of MOD ROCK ready and waiting as this weekend (with the assistance of my OH) I will be using it to mould myself a bespoke mannequin so I can start making my own clothes for Autumn/Winter!

I will be documenting the whole process, so expect a blog post on it sometime next week!

I'm so excited to be coming back to the fashion world again. It really was a much needed break as just the thought of getting into fashion again filled me with dread, which is such a sad way to feel about something that has always been your passion.

But now I feel so positive and inspired, and so happy to be back!

Watch This Space

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  1. that is so cool that your making your own mannequin!