Monday, 3 January 2011

Photography & Styling

I thought I'd include photoshoots of 2 previous garments I have made.

The two shoots are laid out in a magazine layout for a 'photography and styling' project during the 2nd year of my course.

This is a magazine spread of a dress I designed and made for a 'Draping & Contouring' project, and is inspired by the trees themselves, hence the woodland setting.
The dress is made of silk and chiffon, and is modelled by Chloe Henderson.

This next photoshoot is of a jacket I designed and made for a 'Tailoring' project, and is inspired by the concept of androdgyny, and based on a mixture between womens and mens jackets.
The outfit was styled by me, and is modelled by Hannah Munford.



  1. I love that first look. It draping and coloring looks so organic.

  2. Hey Carrie, how are you? Your work looks amazing! I especially like this jacket :) Keep up the good work!xxx