Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Design Development

As promised, here are some photos from my current project:

Ive put in a collage of some of my research so far, and my initial lineup.
The designs after that are developments of my lineup, where I'm trying to make the garments more wearable and more appealing as I feel this lineup is a little ameteur.

The fabrics are a mixture of textures, opaque and transparent, and its an all grey collection (based on total colour blindness). The shapes and draping are inspired by a distorted photo I took from my everyday life.

(Sorry for the bad lighting, my scanner is broken so I'm having to photograph them in poor lighting)

Collage of Concept:
 Initial Lineup:
 Design Development:

Need to pick one outfit to fully make in final fabric, and another outfit to mock up in a toille.
The final outfit will be styled and photographed in 2 different styles.
Hopefully I can do it all!

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