Sunday, 8 January 2012

Reunited With An Old Love

I have finally come out of my writers block with my project, and have been busy researching and coming up with my initial design response.

For colour, I have dug out my collection of Letraset Promarkers (I counted around 65), and have found myself become addicted to them again! To store them I made a holder out of cardboard, which holds them vertically. But I can't really carry these around with me to and from university. So I have just ordered the wallet to store all the colours I need in:

It holds 24! Which is pretty good. It cost me £10.71 from the letraset website, and orders over £10 are free. So it's actually a lot cheaper to buy from here than on ebay!

Until it arrives, I will be using my Elf Studio Brush Holder (£5) to store most of the pens I need.

It holds 12 pens securely - though I definitely need more than 12 pens with me for my project. But for now its a good temporary solution.

I have been lusting after this holder for a while, but resisted buying it as I didnt really need it. But now I need more space, I've finally allowed myself to buy it.
-If you're looking for this kind of storage, but dont really need all 24 spaces, then I would recommend the Elf Brush holder. Though they both work out the same value for money, so you're getting a good deal either way!

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