Friday, 13 January 2012

Get Organised

I of all people know how hard it is to stay organised when it comes to working on projects.
You can expect to see an entire table covered in photos, cut out bits of paper, scrap fabric, pens everywhere. Basically just chaos. And usually a pen, or photo, you happen to need has been lost somewhere under it all.
I know I usually waste a lot of time hunting for things amongst the rubbish.

My solution:

For Christmas my sister bought me a huge board with a Pirated of the Caribbean background, and she said she thought I might find it useful if I want to do my work on my lap or something. I was very grateful, but didn't give it much thought after.
But when my new project started I had an idea:

The only problem with this board is that when I work I need a clear background so I can focus purely on the subject I'm working on, but as you can see the background of the board is really busy. Way too busy for me anyway. 

But, as you can see, on either side of the board there are clear panels for you to slide in notes, photos, etc. 
So I had the idea of using the panels to hold an A2 piece of blank paper (you can buy an a2 sketch pad at Poundland), and this would act as my blank canvas:

I then used the side panels to organise my images and inspiration, so I know where everything was when the time comes to using them:

The paper background is perfect as you can write on it. So you always have with a check list of things to do, deadlines, notes, brainstorms etc etc.

This has definitely helped to keep me more organised, and I've saved a lot of time from knowing where everything is. I definitely don't miss rooting around for things, and definitely have a clearer head for work without being surrounded by mess!


  1. Wonderful idea! This is actually really great for not only being organized, but inspired! I love it!

  2. Such a good idea! I tend to be quite organised with my notes (so many folders!) but when I was doing my Art A Level my stuff ended up all over the house.

  3. I'm really into all of the organizing stuff, cause I love having everything in place and neatly arranged. So this post (plus the one with the lipsticks holder - brilliant idea, btw!) are some of my faves I've seen so far. So meet your newest follower..haha! :)

    And thank you for checking out my blog.

  4. Love your blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  5. This is an awesome organizer!! Great work!! Perhaps you'd like to follow eachother? <3 Let me know, sweetie.

    Glam Mania...!!

  6. wow very nice *_* i think your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!