Thursday, 15 December 2011

Future Developments and Creative Block

I know it's been a while since my last post, but in the next coming weeks you should expect to see a bit more on here. Especially January when I officially start back at uni for my final major project!

Today's the day of our new brief, and I'm really stuck on which direction to go in. Last year I stupidly chose the Mayans to base my research on, but their clothing was not much to get inspired by: just a piece of fabric wrapped around the body. Their jewellery and colour was what caught my eye, but I ended up with lots of embellishment ideas and no actual ideas for design.

For now I have 2 ideas in  mind, but I'm worried I'll choose something too complicated.
Its so hard to come up with a simple idea that isn't overdone, and can inspire hundreds of different design ideas. I'm not sure if the ideas I've come up with fit that! The trouble with complicated ideas is that, although they're very inspiring, you will probably need 6 months to fully explore it and get the most you can from it. Unfortunately we only have the Christmas holidays to research our topics before we need to start designing and making. A complicated topic means lots of random design ideas, and a messy collection that doesn't fit together.

So this is my dilemma.
Though once I finally come up with something I will make sure I post any updates on my work, along with inspiration posts.

Apologies for the wordy post! I can't wait to start working on this project asap.
Carrie x

p.s Any project suggestions would be much appreciated! ;D

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