Thursday, 13 October 2011

Primark Haul

I LOVE the box bag, I'd seen it in there a few times, but obviously this time I couldn't resist buying it!

Big rings are a big love of mine too, and I seem to have added stud earrings to my list of favourites too. I always think that even subtle earrings make such a big difference to an outfit.

Initially I picked up a lot of black knitwear, and was promptly told to put them pack by my boyfriend. He hates that I don't wear much colour, and always seem to opt for my 'safety' colour - black. I like that he pushes me to be bolder with my colour choices, so I picked these to up instead!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

DIY Mannequin....Attempt 1

I know I promised a post documenting my DIY mannequin of myself with instructions on how to make it.... BUT my first attempt all went a bit pair shaped... So I've decided this is how NOT to make your own mannequin!

-It started off well, I had all of the necessary tools:
-Cling Film
-Mod Rock
-Bowl of water

Then it all went down-hill from there....
My one roll of Mod Rock
Ensure you have enough mod rock: I would say get more than you think you'll need as it's better to be safe than sorry. You need to do about 2 coats of mod rock to make the structure strong enough, and as you can see from the photo's, 1 roll wasn't even enough for one layer!

Posture is everything: As it takes a while to dry, there's a big temptation to slouch while you wait. Try and make it in front of a mirror so you can see if you're standing properly. Or you'll end up with a distorted shape like below!

Attention to detail: Pay attention to the bust. Unless you are making a mannequin to make lingerie from, do not attempt to get the 'cleavage' part of the bust.
-You should also ensure you wear a bra (unless you never wear one). This is because when you're fully dressed you will most likely be wearing a bra, so you want your bust to sit in the right place on the mannequin for when you're drafting up a clothes pattern.
-Concentrate on the contours of the waist and the small of the back.

Protect your skin: Before covering yourself in mod rock you will need to protect your skin. I wrapped myself in cling-film first. BUT I did not use it to protect my neck. Yet I still applied the mod rock there, so by the time it had dried it had completely stuck to my skin. This made it very difficult and painful to remove, and I'm not going to lie - there were a few tears!

I will be attempting another one, hopefully soon. And hopefully this once will go right, especially after this one went so drastically wrong!

And I will 100% be doing a 'how-to' post on it.